Fox has recently come forward and announced that they are currently undergoing efforts to make a spin off series of "How I Met Your Mother." The spin off has already been attempted twice and is due to tell the story of the mother in the show as she tells her kids how she met their father. Fox has hired a new writer and is hoping that the show will finally be approved for a pilot.

The company has brought in a third new writer in hopes that they can nail the spin off series

According to A.V Club, Fox has recently revealed that they want to make a spin off series of the popular show "How I Met Your Mother" but have been experiencing some problems with the script.

The company has previously hired two writers but it appears that they were not taking the new series in the desired direction and a new writer has subsequently been brought on to the team.

The new spin off is due to be a gender reversal of the original series and will be titled "How I Met Your Father." The first attempt on writing the script for the show was completed and due to star Greta Gerwig as the show's protagonist when the series was unexpectedly dropped by CBS.

Writers from the hit series "This Is Us" Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker were then hired to try their best at making the series come to life. Unfortunately, for Fox the show runners of "This Is Us" had to scrap the projects as they stated they were too busy with their current undertakings for their own show.

In a third and perhaps final attempt writer of "You're The Worst" and "The Awesomes", Alison Bennett has been brought on board. In a report by the Hollywood Reporter, Bennett is an incredibly talented scriptwriter and the company is optimistic that she can bring the series to life.

The spin off series is to focus on a female protagonist as she tells her kids the story of how she met their father

According to Digital Spy, the spin off series is to be called "How I Met Your Father" and is to tell the other side of the story fans got to see from character Ted Mosby in "How I Met Your Mother." The formula for the series will not be that different from the original show but it has been confirmed that it will not feature any of the original cast.

Fox has stated that this spin off will not be connected to the characters of "How I Met Your Mother" and have advertised it as a gender reversal series of "How I Met Your Mother." The actor who played the kids mother on the original show will not be taking part in the spin off series much to fans disappointment.

As of yet, there has been no further commentary on how the third attempt at the series is going but Fox is hopeful that they can get "How I Met Your Father" to the small screen.