Screenwriter Shonda Rhimes – known for being the creator of “Grey’s Anatomy” – recently opened up about her experience with people after losing 150 pounds. According to the screenwriter, she’s troubled by how differently people are treating her following the weight loss.

More respect, positive attention

In her most recent “Shondaland” email, Shonda – who is also known as the creator of the hit series “Scandal” – claims to have received more positive attention and respect from individuals of both genders following her weight loss.

Lost the weight of a whole person

Medically, 150 pounds is the weight of an average and healthy adult somewhere between 5 and 6-feet.

So, Rhimes technically lost a whole person. Shonda couldn’t help but wonder how these individuals that had suddenly come out of the woodwork to praise her felt about her – as a person – before she lost the weight. According to Rhimes, she was unable to walk up a small flight of stairs without having to stop and catch her breath before she lost the weight. Did people see this and think poorly of her?

More valuable

Shonda recalls women who were basically strangers gushing at her over the weight loss as if she were holding a brand new baby. She also recalls men engaging in conversations with her about all sorts of things they had never cared to talk about her with before.

According to the “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” creator, it felt as if these men and women suddenly found her “valuable” or “worthy” to have these types of conversations with now that she was 150 pounds lighter.

Rhimes had come to the realization that these people suddenly viewed her as an actual person.

This realization following her weight loss left Shonda troubled and concerned. How did these people view her before she lost the weight? Was she invisible? Was she less than a person? Was she not worth conversation? Shonda noted that she felt as though she were a “chunky spy” living in a “thinner word.”

She noted that being thinner does not make her a different person.

In fact, she’s still the same person she was before she lost the weight. Now, she’s just that – thinner. The people who are suddenly comfortable approaching her and telling her fat jokes or saying fat jokes in front of her are simply saying jokes about the woman she was a few years ago and the woman she could become again.

Ultimately, Shonda Rhimes has shined a spotlight on how much of an impact a person’s weight has on the way the world sees and interacts with them.