When shannon beador started filming this season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," she returned with an additional 40 pounds of weight. Shannon initially claimed that vicki gunvalson was to blame for the weight gain, as she had gone through a tremendous amount of stress after Vicki had started various rumors about her marriage. She claimed that she was upset about Vicki's accusations that her husband David had beaten her and that she now had to explain this to her daughters.

Ignoring one another

Shannon even pointed to her stomach, saying "this is Vicki Gunvalson.

" Shannon is clearly very upset about what happened between her and Vicki last year, and it sounds like Shannon has absolutely no interest in forgiving her former friend. As Shannon explains in her Bravo blog, she doesn't have any negative feelings about seeing Vicki again. Instead, she prefers that they just avoid another when they are at events together.

In her Bravo blog, Shannon Beador reveals that she is willing to give Vicki a "hello" when they're at an event together, but this is the extent of the relationship now. Shannon doesn't feel that they can go back to where they once were, and she feels that she cannot forgive Vicki after everything that they have gone through.

"As much as everyone would love to believe, I’m not worried or nervous about seeing Vicki or meeting with Kelly.

I don’t want to be phony with Vicki. I don’t like her and have no intention of being her friend again. A quick “hello” if that at the Sip-N-See and that will be it," Beador explains in her Bravo blog.

Worried about her daughters

As Beador has previously revealed, Vicki's actions hurt a lot more people than just her. Her daughters had to hear about accusations that their father had beaten their mother.

Sadly, this was something that Shannon's former friend did not think about before making the allegations. It is quite surprising to hear that Shannon doesn't feel intimidated by Vicki and Kelly Dodd.

On "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Shannon appears to be a little bit unstable when it comes to her emotions, so it is great to hear that she feels confident enough to confront Vicki and Kelly together at the same time.

One can imagine it also helps to have Tamra Judge and some of the other housewives in her corner during this confrontation. As Shannon explains, she wanted no drama at Meghan King Edmonds' event for her daughter Aspen.

What do you think about Shannon Beador's comments that her friendship with Vicki is done forever?