Ramona Singer may have said something about her "Real Housewives of New York" co-star Luann De Lesseps while filming the show, as she chose to marry Thomas D'Agostino after de Lesseps had caught him cheating. Ramona joked that the marriage was doomed from the beginning and that people were taking bets as to how long the marriage would last.

Of course, this wasn't a nice thing to say, but the reality is that the marriage may have been doomed from the beginning, as Thomas had been caught cheating on her before they went through with the wedding. She had hoped for an everlasting love, and she was convinced she had found it, but it sounds like Thomas was looking to keep his bachelor lifestyle alive while dating Luann.

He wanted it both ways, but she eventually pulled the plug on the marriage.

She wanted her friend to find love

When Luann announced that she was filing for divorce from Thomas after just seven months of marriage, her co-stars may not have been all that surprised after all of the reports that had surfaced in the media about the relationship. While Andy Cohen said he was completely shocked because of the way Luann was always gushing about her husband, it sounds like Ramona Singer was genuinely upset.

Ramona was sad and hurt to hear that Luann was pulling the plug. As Ramona explained to Bravo, she had never seen her friend so happy as when she was with Thomas. After learning about the news, she texted Luann to see if she was alright.

"We've texted each other. We've talked about how my heart is broken for her because I know when something ends, it's, it's horrible," Ramona recently revealed in an interview, adding, "And I know she had her heart and soul in this relationship."

Was it doomed from the beginning?

It is sad to see the marriage end, but many people expected it to happen sooner rather than later.

However, some fans expected it to happen after Thomas was caught cheating, not on a random Thursday out of the blue. One can imagine that there's more to the story and fans will probably learn all about it when "The Real Housewives of New York" returns next season.

Luann had chosen to file for divorce after she had filmed "The Real Housewives of New York" reunion special, which means that Andy Cohen cannot ask her any questions about the divorce.

Instead, fans should expect her to defend her marriage and talk about how happy she is.

What do you think about Ramona Singer speaking out about her friend's divorce decision? Are you surprised that she's supportive of Luann?