"Shameless" Season 8 is set to return to Showtime later this fall. While fans are scouring the internet looking for any and all information, the fact is so far that there just isn't much that can be confirmed. That has not stopped die hard fans from begging to know just when it will be that they can get their next Gallagher family fix.

Can Fiona continue to keep the family together?

Let's start by saying so far an official Release Date has not been revealed. However, we have done a little research, and we might be able to figure it out. If Showtime sticks to their previous "Shameless" schedules, then it could be after the first of the year before we see our favorite Gallaher family members again.

When will Showtime air 'Shameless' Season 8?

Previous "Shameless" season start dates:

1, January 9th, 2011

2. January 8th, 2012

3. January 13th, 2013

4. January 12th, 2014

5. January 11th, 2015

6. January 10th, 2016

See the pattern developing? This would lead fans to believe it that we will be sitting down to watch the new season of "Shameless" around the second week of 2018.

However, let us not forget that Season 7 began airing on October 2. So we could also be looking at an October Season 8 air date, which sounds great. Until we hear an official confirmation from the Showtime network, this is all we have to work with for the time being.

Now let's talk potential spoilers.

The Gallagher family drama is bound to be huge in season 8.

As fans know, last year was one for the family. Fiona decided to try her hand as a property owner, anx while the laundry mat was not a huge success, Fi is hoping her luck will change with her new investment in an apartment building. We already know that a new tenant will be moving in and that Fiona will become good friends with her.

What would be interesting is if this tenant is also someone that is connected to Jimmy/Steve and will somehow bring these two long lost lovers back together.

There has also been chatter of Sean making a comeback into Fiona's life. Photos of Dermot Mulroney onset have been revealed. Now whether Sean is back for good, or it is just a brief visit to see how Fiona has held up since he bailed on their wedding day is yet to be decided.

Lip was last spotted at AA making an attempt to shake that alcohol demon he appears to have inherited from Frank. It is believed that Lip's battle with the bottle is nowhere near over, and there will be some serious consequences to face before he kicks the habit.

Ian is working to keep his life together, which is hard to do especially when he is torn between two lovers. Yes, Mickey is in Mexico, but how long can he go without seeing Ian? Trevor and Ian made a great couple, but fans are pulling for Mickey on this one. Debs is going to continue to have a hard time being a single mom. She is still very young and has yet to experience life. This could find her once again in hot water with Children's Services concerning custody of Frannie.

Carl is trying to do the right things in life. He is young, and Frank appears to hold a considerable amount of influence over him for now, and where Frank is, trouble follows. As for Frank, he and the Gallagher bunch all still have a hold of their meth inheritance from Monica. The one thing Monica tried to do for her kids could be the one thing that gets them all in hot water this season.

Frank is mourning Monica's death; he may even believe he is guilty of killing her. He did punch a woman dying from a brain tumor in the face. Look for Frank to find another wild woman to fill the hole in his heart. Maybe Sheila makes a return to the Southside? Kev and Vee are going to be plotting to find a way to get their bar back after Svetlana swindled them out of it.

Kev is bound and determined. Maybe Frank will use this opportunity to sweep Svetlana off her feet and trick her into signing the bar over to him?

These are not confirmed spoilers, and are just a few speculated thoughts from some of the Facebook Shameless fan pages and discussions. It shouldn't be long before "Shameless" Season 8 details begin officially emerge. What do you believe will go down on Season 8 of "Shameless" when the series makes its return?