Get ready for another crazy season with the Gallaghers because "Shameless" is back and we couldn't be happier. As with every season, this season will continue to push the limits for sure.The cast recently put out a promo in for the upcoming season in classic Gallagher fashion. The promo leaves much to the imagination but, leave it to Frank who does reveal the premiere date.

When season 7 ended

When season 7 ended, the family was dealing with the death of Monica. Fiona (Emmy Rossum) had purchased an apartment building filled with I’m sure, some interesting new characters along with some interesting problems.

Lip (Jeremy Allen White) was in a quandary about college and his feelings for Sierra. Ian had confessed to Trevor that he got busy with Mickey and it seemed like the couple might be on the outs but then Trevor attended Monica’s funeral. Carl had returned from military camp with some impressive cooking skills and what seems like a new attitude. Kev and V realized that Svetlana swindled them out of the Alibi while Frank (William H. Macy) was just Frank.

Season 8 spoilers

Rumor has it that Fiona might find a new love interest and explore her sexuality a bit more this season with a same sex escapade. Fans don’t believe this will happen (the same sex escapade that is) given the fact that Fiona didn’t seem interested a few seasons back when gal pal, Jasmine put the moves on her.

We might not be seeing Liam as it has been rumored that the twins who play Liam, Brendon and Brandon Sims, will not be returning according to their mother who maintains their Instagram account. Rumor also has it that Jimmy/Steve might be returning which fans would love. We could see a time jump which would then age all of the characters (and explain why the Sims twins wouldn’t be reprising the Liam character) Debbie would now be 18 and still having issues with child services.

Frank, still mourning Monica will be in search for a new love but expect Frank to just be a hot mess as usual and expect Kev and V to reclaim the Alibi.

New faces

Two new cast members join this season, Red Rock’s Richard Flood and Jessica Szohr, ('Gossip Girl') Szohr will play, Nessa a smart, tough talking lesbian who lives in the apartment building that Fiona purchased. Nessa and Fiona become fast friends (wink, wink).

Season 8 is expected not to disappoint. All the insanity that is the Gallaghers, will be back on November 5th only on Showtime.