"Pokémon GO" is still in Full Swing with the legendary Pokémons and in a few days, we could receive the Exclusive Raids and Mewtwo with them. However, until that happens, we bring you news focused on the future of the app, a future that could be much closer and affects directly the third Generation, which is being mentioned very often by the latest rumors and that, according to these, will arrive at the end of this year. With all this, today we bring you news about what has been found in the internal code of the game.

The first reference to the third generation in the game code

The latest update of 'Pokémon GO' has already been reviewed by those able to go beyond appearances, revealing enough data about the future of the app. However, the most relevant data affects what has been found in the third generation, data that includes the names of the 135 Pokémon that arrived with Hoenn, names that have not arrived alone, but also have made the 73 candies belonging to the evolutionary families of this generation, such as Torchic, Barboach, Tropius, among others.

Many rumors that point to the end of the year

It should be mentioned that all current rumors (we insist, rumors, not confirmations) point out that the third generation would end up reaching Pokémon GO at the end of this year, more specifically with the last major update that is planned for 2017.

Be that as it may, remember that at the time we talked about the possibility of seeing 135 new Pokémon at Christmas, a possibility that is in full swing with all the rumors and the present revelation. Keep an eye out for any future developments.

In addition, Niantic also talked about the future that awaits with the exclusive raids of Pokémon GO that will arrive with Mewtwo: "To receive an invitation to participate in an exclusive raid battle, the trainers must have successfully completed a recent raid, defeating the head of the raid, and in that gym, will take place the battle of the exclusive raid.

Everything seems to point to that we will have to wait for the arrival of Mewtwo to receive all these changes in the Pokémon GO raids.

Pokémon GO and the union of players in the raids

The head of Niantic who has made public the commitment to improve the experience of Pokémon GO in rural areas, also ensures that they are working on improving communications between players for the raids but that it is still early to talk about it.

Currently, users are organizing themselves through groups on the social network Facebook and the Discord application.

In the meantime, we look at the future, and the fans anxiously await the arrival of Generation III of Pokemon GO This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.