Taylor Swift’s latest single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” premiered at MTV’s VMAs on Sunday. The video and lyrics have caused a storm among the Celebrities. The song apparently has a lot of references made to those in the industry, who have had a feud with Swift. Vanessa Hudgens, who is a really good friend of Swift’s took to her Instagram account to post a video of herself singing the song.

As pointed by Refinery, Hudgens can be seen sporting a dark red lipstick and long blonde hair in the video. Both these characteristics are most popularly found in Taylor Swift.

Whether, Hudgens has actually ditched her brunette look for the blonde one or if it’s just wig, is a matter of debate for now. The video has been accompanied with a caption that reads, “'DEATH TO THE OLD TAYLOR lol #havingwaytoomuchfun @taylorswift.” There were many other noticeable references that the actress made through the video. For instance, she can clearly be seen wearing snake rings on her right hand fingers.

Taylor's new song, “Look What You Made Me Do”

Taylor Swift’s now-infamous single, “Look What You Made Me Do’s” theme is based on snakes ( a direct jab at Kim Kardashian). Vanessa is wearing a cute trench coat, as well. The actress had on Monday posted another picture of her sporting blonde hair.

The image came with the caption, “BLONDE for So You Think You Can Dance!!!!” According to a report by USA Magazine, Vanessa showed up at the VMAs wearing a brunette bob styled by the famous, Chad Wood. This was further perfected by her glittering red eye-shadow, and Swarovski jewellery.

Vanessa and Selena are good friends

Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez are all a group of really close friends.

Hudgens and Swift however, haven’t been spotted spending a lot of quality time together, a report by The Daily Mail reads. Both the celebrities have attended many events together, but strangely enough; have no pictures with each other by their sides. As far as Vanessa is concerned, the actress has been going through a lot of changes in terms of looks and outfits lately.

Just last week, the celebrity who has over 27 million Instagram followers, sported three different looks. She will be seen as one of the four judges on this season’s “So You Think You Could Dance.” The actress had also showed up at the famous Floyd Mayweather vs Conon McGregor fight in Las Vegas. She primarily shot to fame after her movie, “High School Musical,” was recognized among the audience.