Fans are already excited to see more of “Shadowhunters” now that Season 2 wrapped up on Monday. Ahead of the show’s return early in 2018, below are some details on what fans can expect in season 3.

Expect a darker Clary

Executive producer and showrunner Todd Slavkin told TV Guide that fans should expect Clary to change. Her experiences in the past seasons contribute to her transformation into a darker person. She will never be the same, especially after that fight with Valentine in the Season 2 Finale. “In that fight, her ferociousness and her relentlessness at killing him felt like this was a huge move forward with this character,” Slavkin said.

Clary will never be that 18-year old talking about art school. “She’s embracing her Shadowhunter heritage more than ever,” Slavkin added.

Malec is back

Season 2 left Magnus and Alec in a happy place and it does not end there, according to co-creator Darren Swimmer. Things are only going to get better than ever for Malec. Season 3 will further explore their intimacy and domesticity (are they going to live together?). Of course, there will be complications again, which will be interesting to watch.

Life will be easier for Izzy in the “Shadowhunters” Season 3

Isabel had a rough time in Season 2 with her addiction to Yin Fen. She came out of it though thanks to the help of some Mundanes. Their AA meetings saved her life and this is why in Season 3 she will appreciate the humans more.

Slavkin said she will have this new fascination with the Mundanes which the installment will explore.

What will happen to Simon?

The Seelie Queen has some kind of fascination with Simon just because he is a Daylighter. Clearly, he made a deal with her in the Season 2 Finale in exchange for Maia's safety. Whatever it is will be explored in Season 3, although it may have something to do with Simon staying close by the queen’s side, even if it means living in her realm.

Slavkin said that the vampire had made a commitment to stay with the queen for better or for worse, without him knowing what she has in store for him.

Lilith is coming

The Shadowhunters have a new nemesis to face with the arrival of the demon Lilith. Jonathan/Sebastian summoned him in the Season 2 Finale before he died. It remains unknown what dangers she will bring to our heroes, but given that the installment is based on “City Of Glass,” then she is likely going to manipulate Jace.

What is going on with Jace?

In “City of Glass” Jace became vulnerable to demonic possession because he was brought back from the dead. That tease in the Season 2 Finale was only the beginning of what would be Lilith’s influence on him. In the book, the demon possessed Jace and forced him to do evil things towards the Shadowhunters. It is likely that this is where the show is also heading in terms of his storylineS.