There are some good times, happy moments and tragic events in Hollywood. Celebrity break ups, new couples, and their kid's welfare dominate the dailies. We have a birthday boy, and it is Ben Affleck! The actor turned 45 on Tuesday, and he celebrated in style. He was joined by his three children, Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8 and Samuel, 5 at Barton G in LA and they enjoyed a family dinner.

The kids were accompanied by their nanny, but Jennifer Garner wasn’t around. However, she had been seen outside a local bakery in Brentwood holding a box which was assumed to be carrying a cake.

A source had revealed to E! News that during the day, a bundle of gold “45” balloons had been sent to Ben’s home.

It was unclear what Ben and Jennifer were doing about their relationship

For a year since the former couple announced their separation, it was hard to trail them and know what they were up to. We would hear that they were on bitter terms and then later find out they had attended couple counseling, until April when Garner finally filed for the divorce. The speculations that surfaced every week that they were considering a reconciliation were put to rest.

The internet is full of surprises-stories, and rumors are created every day. The world thought Ben had moved on to Lindsay Shookus, and many assumed Ben had put the final stamp on his break up with Garner.

Surprisingly Lindsay didn’t attend Ben’s birthday party. It is however understandable that the party was a family affair and his kids’ presence forced Shookus to keep off the celebration.

The couple has spent most of their summer together with their children, in spite of their divorce proceedings. On August 1, Garner was seen getting chummy with her ex-husband’s mom, Christine Boldt, despite Ben putting her through a lot.

But no one knew what she was planning.

Jennifer is aiming at Ben’s money

45-year-old Jennifer made a power move that surprised Ben’s fans. Four months later since she filed for a divorce, Garner has her eyes set on a larger chunk of Affleck’s money. His net worth is estimated to be $105 million while Garner is estimated to be worth $60 million.

You don’t expect Ben to sit down and watch half of his wealth go, and therefore, it's going to be a long legal battle.

Ben’s cheating scandal went public barely weeks after they split on 2015. It was alleged that Ben was sleeping with the nanny. To make the matter worse, Garner discovered that Lindsay was in the picture all along. She felt humiliated, and the best way she could have her revenge is to split Ben’s earnings. The world is anxious about how this will end. Blasting news wishes Ben a happy birthday.