Hey, “Shadowhunters” fans. The Institute is going to get heavily attacked again in this new Episode 18 of Season 2! Also, Luke and Magnus get pressured by the Seelie Queen for answers. Major progress gets made in the hunt for Jonathan and more. Freeform revealed these spoilers in the form of a press release by way of Spoiler TV.

Be forever fallen

They gave this one a pretty long title by naming it, “Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen.” They started their new episode 18 description with the big attack storyline. It turns out that we’re going to see The Institute be in huge trouble yet again when they become the target of another devastating attack!

Who makes this attack on The Institute? Will The Institute be able to withstand it? Those are the big questions for this plotline. There’s no doubt that this attack will deliver some very dramatic and intense set of scenes to look forward to.

Everyone’s on high alert

Next, they revealed that this attack will put everyone on high alert! Also, the Shadowhunters will be very busy at this time because they will be closing in on their hunt for Jonathan. Will they be able to finally track him down? Or will they come up short? We’ll definitely be looking to see these questions get answered in this episode. However, it’s highly likely this situation could span over the final two episodes of this season.

We’ll have to wait and see. It certainly sounds intriguing.

They revealed a teaser that involves Simon and Maia. While all of the other madness is going on, these two will be busy trying to help out a new downworlder. Who is this new downworlder? What kind of help does he or she need? Those are another set of currently unanswered questions for this episode.

It seems likely that we’ll definitely get an answer to these in this installment.

Her burning question

The last teaser involves the situation with the Seelie Queen. They say that she will be demanding that Luke and Magnus give her an answer to her burning question. What will she ask of them? That’s the very intriguing question for this scenario.

This plotline definitely sounds like it will make for a very interesting scene.

That’s all the written information that we have for this episode. However, Spoiler TV was once again able to deliver some promotional pics for it. There’s snap shots of Alec and Magnus interacting in a scene. So, expect to see something from these two.

A lot of Luke and Magnus

As mentioned earlier, they also show Luke and Magnus in a scene as they confront the Seelie Queen. In fact, it appears that a lot of time will get devoted to that moment because most of the promo pics feature it. All of them are from that scene with the exception of the Alec and Magnus pics. So, that will wrap it up for our description of the promo photos. Episode 18 is currently scheduled to air next Monday night, July 31,2017 at 7pm central time on Freeform. Stay tuned.