Selena Gomez and Elle Fanning were reported to have been enlisted for Woody Allen's upcoming film. This upcoming movie that Allen plans to work on will be his third movie with Amazon. As per a report from Entertainment Tonight, Gomez has been eyed to join the film with other actors like Timothée Chalamet. As of the meantime, the release date and the movie title have not been revealed yet.

Nevertheless, if the film is slated to happen, it has been revealed that it will be distributed theatrically by the Amazon Studios. Allen has been known for producing mini-series like "Crisis in Six Scenes." However, this upcoming movie is yet another big hit that he is about to create.

High-profile movie gig

Woody Allen's upcoming movie is believed to be one of the highest-profile films that Gomez is slated to be working on. Apart from her recently released single, "Fetish," the young singer was also reported to be working on her newest album as well.

Gomez was also reported to be hard at work being the executive producer of Netflix's hit series, "13 Reasons Why." As of now, the singer-actress is yet to confirm the news about Allen's newest film. Nevertheless, her fans also looked forward that the said project will happen really soon.

Film festival

Allen's film has always been known to have created a huge impact among its viewers. While his upcoming movie is still in talks, it was reported that the 81-year old director is set to premiere his latest film, "Wonder Wheel," for New York Film Festival this October.

The said film will star high-profile actors and actresses like Kate Winslet, Justin Timberlake, James Belushi, and Juno Temple.

Further, a new report has shared that the movie will be made available in theaters on December 1. During the entire run of his career as a director, Allen has already won four Oscar Awards for his various movies like "Annie Hall," "Manhattan," "Midnight in Paris," and "Blue Jasmine."

Despite having a controversial life, Allen has always managed to work with big stars on his previous project.

To recall, the veteran director has also worked with young artists like Miley Cyrus who was also featured in his latest project "Crisis in Six Scenes."

As of now, the details of the upcoming film were still scarce. Further, Fanning is also yet to confirm her role in the untitled film. Meanwhile, Allen is also believed to be working on the casting yet before he'll be able to reveal that official title of the film.