“Scandal” Season 7 is now starting to take shape as the show’s production has now commenced. In fact, the cast has been reunited once again over a table read to prepare to reprise their roles for the last time.

Also, there will be new roles coming in the show’s return. As Mellie (Bellamy Young) is now the new President of the United States, will things be different now for the life of everyone?

The stars and their roles

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is now in command as she is now the White House Chief of Staff in “Scandal” Season 7.

The political fixer, too, is literally the Command, the leader of the black-ops group B613 as they used her power and influence to bring the team back.

Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) might also have a new role as Mellie’s vice president. However, as he hasn’t vowed on the position yet, things might still change.

Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes) will be the soon-bride of the new series regular George Newbern's role as Charlie. As Abby Whelan (Darby Stanchfield) left the White House with the former President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn), she now plays the role of Quinn’s right-hand at Olive Pope & Associates.

As he has stepped down as the country’s leader, of course, he also has a new character to play as the head of his own foundation. To recall, Olivia talked to him so she could take B613 as she believed she could lead it herself. Regarding their romance, the show’s executive producer Shonda Rhimes has yet to reveal anything about it.

Additionally, the newly added stars Shaun Toub from “Homeland” and Jay Hernandez from “Bad Moms” will be seen as guest stars in the new coming season. Details about the two actors’ characters are not yet announced as it is still kept under wraps.

Rhimes’ last goodbye

Meanwhile, in a press release obtained by the Hollywood Reporter, Shonda Rhimes talked about “Scandal” Season 7’s final bow.

“We are going all out. Leaving nothing on the table. Creating this world in celebration,” she said. The 47-year-old television producer teased that they are going to handle the show’s swan song the way they manage the important things in the “Scandal” family."Altogether, white hats on, Gladiators running full speed over a cliff," she described.

“Scandal” Season 7 will return on Oct. 5 on ABC. This will be the last time that the Shondaland’s TGIT lineup will be complete along with “Grey’s Anatomy” and “How to Get Away with Murder,” which she also executive produced.