All of us learn a lot of stuff through online reports. The Internet is a big source of news and people can instantly access the Web to find any hot stuff that’s worthy of reporting. It could be highly unlikely that movie stars learn about new roles through the Web, but that’s what happened to Samuel L. Jackson.

Online reports gave him the news

In an interview with Fandango, as reported by CBR, Samuel L. Jackson revealed that he found out that he was returning as Nick Fury in "Captain Marvel" when he read reports run by the media. He also added that this time, Fury will be returning with two eyes fully functional.

Jackson revealed that he had difficulty memorizing his lines with the eye patch when he acted in the earlier films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“It will be easier to learn my lines. It’s one of those weird things I figured out. The first day I shot as Nick Fury, with one eye, I couldn’t remember my lines,” Samuel L. Jackson revealed.

Jackson then added that he improvised in order to learn the lines. He started to cover one of his eyes when reading the script, and it worked. “[I]t’s a stupid kind of thing, but it totally works,” the actor said in a Screen Rant article.

Fury was last seen commanding a newly built Helicarrier to rescue the Avengers in Sokovia, in the events of 2015’s "Avengers: Age of Ultron." Before that, Jackson’s character was thought dead after he was fatally shot in the events of 2014’s "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." Fans can now see him in the same role in 2019, when the film is released.

While Marvel has revealed Jackson's casting, there were no other details revealed for the character. According to Deadline, Larson’s character will be facing off against the Skrulls, and that the film will take place in a timeline that precedes all the other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This explains why Fury has two eyes functioning and could reveal why he lost the use of one in the first place.

Brie Larson is excited for the role

Jackson will be joining Brie Larson, who was confirmed last year by none other than Marvel’s Kevin Feige to be playing the titular role. Ronda Rousey had expressed interest in playing various female superhero roles even to the point of posting pictures in Twitter wearing costumes. However, she found no success.

Larson indicated her excitement for the role. According to the actress, playing Captain Marvel gives her the opportunity to prove that female superheroes are more complex than but equally powerful as their male counterparts. The role, she added, lets her play that complexity in a scale larger than she had done before in other roles. "Captain Marvel" is set to start shooting in February 2018, with a release date set for 2019.