Marvel created one of the most impressive and powerful female superheroes years ago with The Black Widow. However, Widow was only a part of other movies - mainly the films with Iron Man or Captain America as the lead or team movies with "The Avengers." DC Comics even beat Marvel to the punch with their first female-led Superhero Movie of the new era with "Wonder Woman" this year. However, Marvel isn't far behind and they are bringing "Captain Marvel" to the big screen as their first female-led superhero movie starring Oscar winner Brie Larson.

What makes "Captain Marvel" special?

According to Brie Larson, the "Captain Marvel" movie will be very special and is something she is excited for. In an interview with Collider, Larson said that it is exciting to be the star in the first female-led superhero movie from Marvel. Larson also said that she wants to prove female superheroes are not just powerful "like dudes" and are much more complex that that. Larson said that it is something she brings to all films, proving that women are unique and should be shown as women and not as females who are as strong as men.

Brie Larson said that "Captain Marvel" gives her the chance to show this complexity on a much larger scale than she has before. Larson even said that Marvel has a lot of smart people behind-the-scenes creating the story and movie and they will show how different a woman hero can be.

The movie starts filming in January 2018 and a director has yet to be announced.

Who is Captain Marvel?

DC Comics is bringing "Wonder Woman" to the big screen this year and everyone knows who she is. Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic female superheroes of all time and was recently re-introduced in "Batman V Superman." However, not many people know who Captain Marvel is and many only know the name from the DC Comics hero Shazam.

However, Captain Marvel is very important.

In the comics, Marvel just completed their "Civil War II" storyline, timed to almost coincide with "Captain America: Civil War" the movie. While the first "Civil War" comic story involved Captain America vs. Iron Man the second involved Iron Man vs. Captain Marvel, with the female hero leading her side of the war.

She is Carol Danvers, an Air Force military member who gained superpowers thanks to an accident involving Kree (Ronan's race from "Guardians of the Galaxy") technology. She has the military training of Black Widow and superhuman powers to boot.