NBC has announced an earlier premiere date for Season 2 of “The Good Place”. The one-hour special of the second season premiere of the series will be on September 20 at 10/9c. The series’ premiere will follow the season finale of “America’s Got Talent”. After the series’ September 2 premiere, it will move into its regular timeslot at Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. starting September 28 – the original premiere date.

In the shocking finale of Season 1, Eleanor (played by Kristen Bell) figures out that she and her friends have actually been in the Bad Place all along with Michael (played by Ted Danson) behind it all along.

With Michael’s plan figured out, he wipes out their memories for a redo.

Season 2 details

A couple of weeks after the Season 1 finale, NBC renewed the series for a second season with 13 episodes. Much of the details about Season 2 is kept under wraps, but show creator, Michael Schur, revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, that the four friends will be spread out and given different soulmates to be tortured individually.

The friends won’t be apart for long though, they will be brought together to the point that they will be torturing each other – Michael’s grand plan. In the finale of Season 1, Eleanor writes herself a note saying ‘Find Chidi.”

Based on the photos that Entertainment Weekly released, it seems that she finds Chidi sooner than expected.

Also shown in the photos is Janet, who seems to be rebooted (again) and Schur teased that it won’t be the only time Janet will get rebooted.

In Kristen Bell’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she said that there will be a complete reset for Eleanor, careful not to reveal any plot details. The actress adds that Season 2 will be fun and just as explosive as Season 1.

The Netflix Place

If you still have not seen “The Good Place” or you just want to watch it again before the Season 2 premiere, the first season of the show will be available on Netflix for streaming on August 29. The first episode of “The Good Place” consists of 13 episodes.

“The Good Place” follows the story of a recently deceased Eleanor Shellstop, who wakes up in an afterlife utopia called “The Good Place,” as a reward for all the good deeds she’s done when she was still alive.

However, she realizes that she was sent to a Good Place by mistake instead of the Bad Place where she truly belongs. With the help of Chidi Anagonye (played by William Jackson Harper), a deceased ethics professor and Eleanor’s soulmate, Eleanor learns to be a better person so she can stay in a Good Place.

The show is also joined by Jameela Jamil, Manny Jacinto, and D’Arcy Carden. Jamil plays Tahani Al-Jamil, a deceased wealthy philanthropist, Jacinto plays Jason Mendoza a deceased DJ and drug dealer who was mistaken for a Buddhist monk named Jianyu Li. Carden plays Janet, an intelligent personal assistant who acts as a guide and the neighborhood’s source of information.