Ryan Serhant has been filming "Million Dollar Listing New York" since the show began six seasons ago. While filming the show, he hasn't interacted with his co-stars a lot because they're constantly doing deals for their clients. Even though the show follows three separate agents, the agents rarely cross paths despite being on the same show.

But it sounds like Fredrik Eklund and Ryan have become friends over the past year as they are starting to get along. For a long time, these two were arguing over real estate, clients, and about who was the best in the business.

But as they both have grown up and matured over the past couple of years, it sounds like they realize that friendship is much more beneficial to them. Fredrik extended an invitation to Ryan so that they could celebrate his birthday together.

Celebrating the baby news

While Fredrik didn’t announce that he was going to be a father to his co-stars on Thursday’s episode of "Million Dollar Listing New York," Ryan Serhant was actually thrilled for his friend when he learned the news. In the past, his co-stars may not have said anything about the pregnancy news, but because they are now friends, they can now celebrate this kind of story together.

Fredrik was very excited about the news, and he couldn't stop smiling when he learned that he was going to get the daughter Milla that he always wanted.

Plus one can imagine that it was just a bonus that he was going to have a son as well.

When Ryan learned of the news that his co-star was going to be a father, he shared that he could not be more excited for his friends. In an Instagram post, Ryan revealed that he believed that Fredrik and Derek are going to be great fathers.

One can imagine that Serhant will give Fredrik and Derek a gift once the babies arrive, as they are now friendlier than ever.

Pressure on him to have his own children

This pregnancy news might put pressure on Ryan and his wife Emilia, as they got married last summer in Greece. Ever since their wedding, fans of Ryan and Emilia have been inquiring about when they're going to have a baby.

Serhant and his wife have revealed that they're going to have to children, but they're not sure when. Perhaps they haven't discussed when the baby plans will fit into the busy schedules, but it doesn't sound like Emilia is going to announce her pregnancy any time soon.

What do you think about Fredrik Eklund's pregnancy announcement? What advice to do you have for Fredrik and Derek, as they are now preparing for parenthood?