It has only been about a week since Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced that they were separating. When the announcement surfaced on social media, fans were super disappointed, as they had been the ideal couple to represent how love in Hollywood can conquer all. The funny couple shares a son together, Jack, and despite them being a very private couple, it sounds like Chris Pratt was working quite a bit, leaving Anna home alone with their son.

In the months leading up to their separation, there were many rumors about Anna and Chris in the media.

Pratt had just wrapped a movie with Jennifer Lawrence and some people seemed to think that Jennifer had hooked up with Chris and he had been his wife unfaithful. The allegations that he had cheated were enough for Anna to speak out, saying that it was never fun to be in a relationship where there were rumors and allegations of cheating.

Cheating was not the reason

According to a new report, it sounds cheating has nothing to do with their separation. Apparently, the split happened because of trouble inside of their home. Even though Chris Pratt had been labeled as a cheater in the media, it sounds like the separation was actually due to competition that was happening inside of the house.

The report claims that Chris and Anna were very competitive with one another in terms of who was the funniest.

Anna had starred in various team flicks in the early 2000s and has made several comedies. And the competition possibly grew, as he started getting movie roles.

His fame grew more than hers

While she was working on more television shows, Chris Pratt was filming major blockbusters, including “Jurassic Park,” and Pratt may have felt that he was starting to become more famous to her and the competition between them grew.

It sounds like it was the competition between them professionally, and the split had nothing to do with another woman.

One can imagine that Chris and Anna won't say much about this split. Since they have a young son together, one can imagine that they will do anything to protect him in this matter. They have only announced a separation, but a divorce may be pending.

In addition, this couple never really spoke out about their private lives other than Chris' Instagram post. He would often post pictures of him fishing with his son and enjoying time on the lake near his home.

What do you think about it Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’ decision to separate?