Ryan Serhant may be a part of the huge success, "Million Dollar Listing: New York," but he has been such an impressive business icon that Bravo is now giving him his own show. This comes just weeks after Bravo announced that "Million Dollar Listing: New York" would return without Luis D. Ortiz, who decided to quit the franchise just last year. He wanted to focus on his own happiness, which wasn't real estate. Ryan and their co-star, Fredrik Eklund, could only respect his decision and this year, Serhant and Fredrik will be joined by a new real-estate agent.

But Serhant is also busy with his brand new show: as part of Bravo's lineup this fall, the network revealed that he is getting his own show about sales. While that may sound boring to some people, one can imagine that Ryan will bring his hilarious with him. People who are applying to be on his new show are probably expecting the same Ryan they see on "Million Dollar Listing: New York."

Ryan Serhant can teach you how to sell

The new show is rumored to be called "Sell It Like Serhant" and it is about Serhant teaching applicants how to sell just about anything. It's no secret that Ryan knows a thing or two about sales, as he has managed to set some pretty impressive real-estate records. And it sounds like he has been receiving several applications to the show, as he recently revealed that he had been reading every single application - and he wants more.

"I want to help as many people as I can with this show, and I'm looking at every email submission we get," Ryan Serhant revealed in an Instagram post he shared. In this post, he also shared the official email to the casting crew, so more people could reach out to him.

Bravo has yet to announce when this new show will air, but fans can expect to hear something about it in the fall.

Bravo is adding to Ryan Serhant's net worth

This is the third show that Bravo has sent Ryan's way. In addition to "Million Dollar Listing: New York, "Ryan Serhant has also filmed a wedding special for the network. The show documented his wedding to Emilia Bechrakis last summer. And one can imagine that Bravo is paying quite a bit of money to film Ryan in his private life, business life, and now for this new show, where he will help out people in need. This is adding up to quite the paycheck and one can imagine it is affecting his overall net worth. It sounds like it is great to be Ryan Serhant these days.

Will you apply to Ryan Serhant's new show?