A miami politician claims that three aliens dressed in party outfits like the Christ the Redeemer statue allegedly abducted her when she was seven years old. Now 59, Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera will run for Congress after Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen retires.

The Miami Herald discovered two videos of Aguilera describing her encounter with the aliens. She recalled the alien spaceship had some round seats and quartz rocks that controlled it, The New York Daily News reported.

Believers in other life forms

Since her alleged alien abduction in the 1960s, the former councilwoman and economic developer of Doral claimed that the aliens have kept in touch with her several times through telepathic communications.

Contrary to the cinematic portrayal of aliens, the two female and one male abductor of Aguilera did not have long fingers, big eyes, and long, oval faces.

They tackled the subject of ISIS, but the politician declined to provide details on their discussion.

Among the other topics that they discussed while she was inside the spaceship were the 30,000 skulls hidden in a Malta cave, God is a universal energy and not a person, and Africa is the energy center of the world.

Aguilera stressed that she is a Christian and a strong believer in God. She, however, also believes in aliens because of her childhood encounter with them. The politician noted that even prominent people share her belief about alien life forms.

She cited Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan who have claimed to have seen unidentified flying objects.

She also noted that the Vatican and scientist Stephen Hawking’s past statements on the presence of billions of galaxies in the universe and that the Earth is not alone.

Second encounter

According to Fox News, Aguilera had a second encounter with the aliens ten years after the first abduction.

They promised during the first abduction that the aliens would visit her again after a decade, and they fulfilled their promise.

Rick Yabor, a Miami lawyer, however, cautioned Aguilera that her tales of alien abduction could hurt her political career. He pointed out that she is trailing among candidates who want to replace Lehtinen.

In August, Lehtinen announced that she would retire from politics after spending 28 years in the House of Representatives.

Aguilera is the mother of Bettina Inclan Agen, a former Hispanic outreach director of the Republican National Committee. Agen is married to Jarrod Agen, the deputy chief of staff of Vice President Mike Pence.