Hilary Duff has been the victim of Body shamers for quite some time and the star has finally hit back against the haters. Duff posted a photograph of herself in a swimsuit and included an inspiring speech about body positivity. Duff is not the first celebrity to have to deal with body shamers and she certainly will not be the last.

The Instagram post shows Duff in a bathing suit with her son

According to Refinery, Hilary Duff has shared a photograph of her and her son at the beach on her Instagram account. Duff is seen in a bathing suit facing out towards the oncoming ocean as she holds her son in her arms.

The star released this photograph to show body shamers that she was never going to be ashamed of her body and stated that it gave her the biggest gift in her life, her son.

Duff posted a long message underneath the photograph in order to explain how the body shamers words would not affect her in the slightest. Hilary Duff stated that she posted the picture on behalf of young girls and women and wanted them to know that they were beautiful no matter their bodies looked like.

She stated that certain websites and magazines have been sharing her imperfections and that she wanted to show everyone that she was not ashamed of her "flaws". Duff explained that having a healthy body is the most important thing and that people should feel pressured to look a certain way.

Celebrities are often targeted for the way they look

Hilary Duff has spoken out against the tabloids and body shamers that have targeted her for the past few months. According to Ace Showbiz, the mother of two felt the need to reply to her body shamers in order to show her fans that they should be proud of the way that they look.

Duff has a large fan base and wanted to share her own imperfections with her fans.

The decision made by Hilary Duff one to take her power back from the media and is a move that many celebrities in similar situations make. Just last week Rihanna was hit by body shamers as they stated that the singer over ate and included a video of them stalking the singer in a food store asking her about her food.

According to Billboard, Hilary Duff opened up about how she feels about her body and stated that she does not always love the way that her body looks. Duff stated that as she grew she learned to accept herself and realized that her body was strong and that it carried her through everything she went through in life.

The star appears to have realized that people's bodies and different body types should be celebrated instead of torn down. This is the message that she chose to share with her fans online and one, which they praised her for posting.

There has been no comment from the magazines on their public body shaming of the star. Now that Duff has taken the power back into her own hands the issue appears to have been resolved at least for the time being.