Renowned socialite and entrepreneur Paris Hilton reportedly hinted on returning to television with a brand new show, Teen Vogue recently stated.

She posted new tweets saying that she is going back to television, and that she is excited about it. She also tweeted that she is preparing for launching her 24th fragrance line, and working on an upcoming album.

"I’m working on a new television show that I’m really looking forward to, as well as my worldwide real estate projects. I’m also getting myself ready to launch my 24th fragrance, and finishing my upcoming album,” Hilton said on Twitter.

When her new show begins, it will be a comeback for the celebrity and supermodel after a decade of her previous show “The Simple Life.” The show is a reality series with one of her best friends, Nicole Richie, the report added.

Teen Vogue revealed her tweets, and the 36-year-old celebrity and controversial star is seemingly on for another project in the future.

Paris Hilton on TV

The blonde-haired superstar is associated with real estates, luxury brands, music making, DJ services and the social scenes. Some of the luxury brands that Hilton has been connected to reportedly include fragrances, handbags, shoes, eye wear, accessories and more.

According to Teen Vogue, this upcoming TV stint will not the first time she will be seen on screen.

Back in 2008, she also hosted “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF,” “Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend,” and “The World According To Paris.”

The show “Paris Hilton’s New BFF” reportedly lasted for two seasons and had a spin-off title, which was the “British Best Friend” show. The show “The World According To Paris” aired only for one season on Oxygen network.

Previous reports noted that there is a documentary that is going to be released about her as well, but it seems that until today, viewers have no information about the project.

No official details yet

According to the online magazine, there are no official details and schedule yet of Hilton’s alleged television show.

There was even no confirmation on whether it will be another Reality Show or not.

The online magazine hinted by saying that the new show might be a news program set up titled “Thoughts By Paris,” or something of a shopping show genre named “Inside Paris’s Closet.” The article further guessed that the new show might be titled “See Paris With Paris,” which is a TV program of the travel genre.