Mere hours ago, Kailyn Lowry from "Teen Mom 2" was complaining about the fact that her baby just wouldn't seem to come. Twitter followers joked that the star was like April, the giraffe and that she was taking forever to give birth to her new little one. However, it seems Kail's wish to finally get the baby out came true, as the star gave birth this morning around 3 AM, but kept silent about it for several hours afterward. She finally broke the news with Radar Online and then confirmed the birth of her newest addition on her Twitter.

A third baby boy for Kail

Kailyn Lowry has previously stated that she was waiting until the child's birth to find out the gender. Although she was told the baby was a girl by participating in an Old Wives Tale in which someone places a ring on a string over the belly and then sees which way it swings, she gave birth to a Baby Boy. She has not yet revealed the name but has stated that the baby weighed in at 7lbs and 15oz. Previously, she has said she is having trouble finding a name no matter the gender of the baby and has offered suggestions that the Internet isn't too keen on like Ripken. There are rumors, however, that the baby is named Finn, but this has not yet been confirmed by Kail or anyone in her camp.

Shaky ground with the father

Kail is not on the best of terms with the father of the baby, ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez. He has recently spoken out saying that Kail has been manufacturing drama just to make juicier television. Although Kail admitted on "Teen Mom 2" that she wanted things to work out with the pair, it doesn't seem like that's going to be happening anytime soon.

According to Kail, the pair were not actively preventing pregnancy because she was under the false impression that she couldn't get pregnant. A doctor had previously told her that if she wanted to have a baby in the future, she would have to try IVF. She was also told the pregnancy was an incredibly high risk and that she was in danger of going into preterm labor.

However, she has delivered a very healthy baby boy, so it seems that the doctor was wrong on that one.

Kail's ex was previously kept anonymous because she didn't know how involved he would be in the baby's life. It was previously stated that Kailyn didn't even know if he was going to attend the birth of the child, and it is still unknown if he did do so. She did state that she was going to call him and let him know she was going into labor so that he at least had a chance.