"Days of our Lives spoilers for the end of the week reveal that one Salem citizen's life is going to be in serious danger. According to the latest "DOOL" news, Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) will find herself in a very dangerous situation when she comes barreling in to Club TBD during a rough time in her life. Gabi will run into the club in a hurry carrying an over-sized orange purse. She won't be thinking of anything much, but will still be distraught over learning that Chad and Abigail are planning their wedding so soon after her split with Chad.

Gabi finds herself in a dangerous situation

It looks like Gabi will be in the wrong place at the wrong time when she enters TBD and walks right into a crime scene. Who will save Gabi now that she and Chad DiMera are officially over? Chad will be busy with Abigail, Sonny, and Paul as the two couples plan their big double wedding at Saint Luke's. While Chad will likely be absent, one person who is likely to save Gabi will be her other ex-boyfriend, JJ Deveraux. Although JJ is currently dating Lani, many "Days Of Our Lives" viewers believe that he and Gabi belong together, and that the NBC soap will be putting them back together in the near future. If JJ is there for Gabi now, it seems that she may be there to help him during a difficult time that he'll be having in the very near future, according to the latest spoilers.

Bonnie and Maggie clash

Meanwhile, Bonnie, posing as Adrienne, will move into the Kiriakis mansion with Justin, Maggie, Victor, Nicole, and Brady. However, "Adrienne" will immediately begin to get under Maggie's skin. As many "Days of our Lives" fans will remember, Bonnie and Maggie have a long history. Bonnie married Maggie's husband, Mickey, when everyone believed she had died.

When Maggie returned "from the dead" Mickey divorced Bonnie and left her heartbroken. Now, she's out for revenge. She's posing as Adrienne and she's ready to seek some vengeance on Maggie for what happened between them in the past, even though Mickey is long dead.

Rafe waits for evidence

All the while, "DOOL" fans will watch as Rafe learns that he'll soon be getting evidence from his brother Dario.

Dario has skipped town after he was supposed to go to witness protection if he gave up his partner in the counterfeiting scheme. However, things went wrong and Dario left town before giving up his partner, whom "Days of our Lives" viewers now know is Commissioner Raines. Dario will likely send word that Raines was his partner in crime, and Rafe, Hope, and Eli will finally be able to arrest him and set Abe Carver free from his jail cell.

Andre's therapy sessions goes wrong

"Days of Our Lives" fans will also see Hattie, posing as Marlena, have her first therapy session with Andre DiMera on Friday. The entire situation will get out of control, and Andre will find himself locked in Bayview with John and Marlena. It seems that Hattie is getting a bit reckless, and it could lead to her demise.