Luann de Lesseps had not announced her divorce at the time she filmed the reunion of "The Real Housewives of New York City," but that didn't stop the other housewives from confronting her about Tom D'Agostino's alleged cheating. Bravo's Andy Cohen even asked her if they had an open marriage. Did Luann know at the time that she would be divorcing her husband of only seven months?

Was she aware of the cheating?

The first episode of "The Real Housewives of New York City's" Season 9 reunion will air on Wednesday night on Bravo. A sneak peek for the dramatic get-together shows that the ladies do not hold back when it comes to asking Luann about her new husband, Tom.

At the time, Luann was still with Tom and had not revealed that they were having problems yet.

Bravo's host Andy Cohen confronted de Lesseps about her husband's alleged infidelities and asked if she was in an open marriage. Luann quickly responded that they were not in an open relationship and if she was into that sort of thing, she wouldn't be married.

Luann's other friends on the show did not hesitate to voice their feelings about her relationship. Bethenny Frankel said that he seemed like the kind of guy who would "go to a bar with one person" and leave with someone else.

What about all the warning signs?

The former Countess' response was that he had a strange sense of humor.

The "Watch What Happens Live" host asked her if it was alarming at all that all of her friends were so concerned about her husband and his behavior, which she said it was.

Bethenny insisted that she only wanted Luann to be happy and didn't want to see her get played by an untruthful man.

Andy Cohen asked the soon-to-be divorced housewife if she would want to know if her husband had been cheating on her but Ramona Singer chimed in before she could respond, saying that she didn't want to know.

The sneak peek of "The Real Housewives of New York City" reunion also showed de Lesseps saying that if she did ever find out Tom was cheating on her, she would leave. Ramona basically said that she didn't believe Luann. Luann de Lesseps announced that she would be divorcing Tom D'Agostino after just seven months of marriage on Twitter at the beginning of the month.

Last week, Andy Cohen told ET that this year's "RHONY" reunion has taken on a whole new meaning because now the truth has come out about their marriage and people know she is getting divorced. He also said that he is looking forward to sitting down for a post-divorce interview soon.

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