Raviv Ullman, a former Disney star, recently took to social media to share the fact that he filmed a pilot with Kim Kardashian ten years ago in 2007. He shared images of the pair making out online and taunted Kim's current husband Kanye West for getting his sloppy seconds. Raviv has since deleted the posts and as of yet, there has been no comment from either Kim Kardashian or Kanye West.

The former Disney star taunts artist Kanye West and states he got his sloppy second

According to the Daily Mail, former Disney star Raviv Ullman best known for his role of Phil in "Phil of the Future" recently shared some interesting news online.

Ullman took to Instagram to share some images of himself and Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian making out. The pair were filming a pilot at the time and fans are confused as to why Raviv Ullman would bring this up.

In a report by Hollywood Life, Raviv Ullman has stated that Kanye West got his sloppy seconds and named himself a "douchy VJ" in the show. Ullman stated that the pilot they shot for never aired and that he found footage from the 2007 filming on his computer’s hard drive. He stated that he and Kim had three make out scenes and taunted Kanye West that he got to the celebrity before West did.

Ullman included photographs other than make out scenes between him and Kim and stated that the Disney pilot also featured such actors as Ellie Kemper and Adam Pally.

While some fans have enjoyed the throw back to the earlier Disney days others have criticized Raviv for taking a stab at Kanye West especially given that the star is currently dealing with some serious mental issues.

The actor appears to have regretted his decision as he has since removed the photographs from online

According to Hollywood Life, Raviv Ullman appears to have regretted his decision to make a childish stab at Kanye West.

He has removed the photographs from his account at the claim that Kanye West received his sloppy seconds. While Ullman has not issued an apology to the pair he did release a tweet yesterday concerning his taunts.

Raviv stated that he realizes that more important things are going on and that he has nothing but respect for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

He explained that his taunts towards the husband of Kim Kardashian were nothing but a bit of innocent fun.

Not much has been seen of the former Disney star since his days on the hit TV series "Phil of the Future" while Kim Kardashian has been projected into stardom. One can only imagine what Kim has to say about the days before her fame and fortune and fans are sure that she finds the photos hilarious.

Kanye West has not replied to Raviv Ullman's taunts and disrespectful comments about his wife though one has to wonder if Ullman is even on the stars radar.