"Bachelorette" rachel lindsay and Bryan Abasolo proved one negative report to be wrong after the pair were spotted packing on the PDA in Miami at a pool party over the weekend. There's no shortage of affection between the two, who ventured off to Houston and Miami to spend some time with one another's families, according to People magazine.

One report claims couple is 'faking' relationship

A rumor was published by In Touch that the engaged "Bachelorette" couple was putting on a front for the sake of fame and money. It was claimed by a source that Rachel and Bryan were together purely to extend their time in the spotlight and for a chance to make more money.

A source told the magazine that Rachel "knows that if she sticks it out with Bryan, they can both walk away from this with fame and fortune." The insider went on to claim that the "plan" is for Rachel and Bryan to fake their relationship as long as possible to get as much out of it as they can. It was also alleged that the 32-year-old Dallas attorney is pulling in as much as $8,000 to $15,000 per social media post right now. She also wants to be a broadcast journalist and allegedly hopes her current fame will catapult her to that goal. For 37-year-old chiropractor's part, the source claimed that Abasolo supposedly loves the attention and knows the stardom will make him more successful.

As fans know, these rumors usually spawn soon after a season of "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" concludes.

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are no different to falling victim to this type of tabloid fodder.

Couple enjoy weekend with both families

By all appearances, Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are doing great after their season wrapped. Rachel can now post photos of them together on social media as much as she'd like -- something she couldn't do when the show was airing and she hated that part of it.

Prior to leaving for Miami this weekend, the lovebirds headed to Houston to visit Rachel's family. “My Houston family showered @thebryanabasolo and me with so much love #familyfirst#houston #r&b #thankful," Rachel wrote on Instagram.

On Saturday, Bryan posted a photo of he and Rachel with his grandmother that read, "Grandma's approval is always important...of course she passed the test w/ flying colors ❤️ #Miami #familytime #grandmaslove".

Other images seen of the couple this weekend show Rachel in a peach bikini top, patterned sarong, and heels while Bryan had on swimming trunks and sneakers. The two were kissing and showing the world how in love they were.

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are likely to have a late 2018 wedding.