Princess Diana’s twentieth death anniversary is approaching in a week’s time, and her sons Prince William and Prince Harry have spoken up about the tragedy for the first time in a detailed BBC documentary. The two brothers have revealed what it felt like to receive the heartbreaking news from their father who was always there for them and so was their grandmother. They have also disclosed the trauma the nosy press wreaked on their mother’s life and how her demise affected them for a long time.

Both praise Prince Charles’ role during the tragedy

While it is well-known that Princess Diana and Prince Charles had gone their separate ways when she died in the tragic car accident, many do not know that the latter supported their children wholeheartedly during the crisis.

In a recent BBC documentary, both Prince William and Harry have praised their father for his conduct. Prince Harry has said that it was their father who broke the news to them and it was quite a tough thing to do as it is not easy for any parent to tell one’s child about the death of the other parent. It was a tough time for him as well, but he conducted himself very gracefully and did everything possible to safeguard them and look after them.

Queen Elizabeth took great pains to protect her grandchildren

The same holds true for their grandmother Queen Elizabeth who made sure to keep the brothers away from London to help them process the loss. Prince William has revealed that their grandmother was so concerned about them that she had removed all the newspapers and magazines from their home so that they do not read depressing stuff.

It was, in fact, her decision to keep them away from London and let them mourn in Balmoral where they had gone for a summer vacation with their father. She made sure the children stayed away from media glare and other worries.

Press chased Princess Diana like a pack of dogs

Speaking of media, Prince William has come out openly against the paparazzi that never let their mother stay in peace.

He said in the documentary that the photographers would attack their mother every time she would venture out in public and it was as if they were a pack of dogs following and harassing her until she gave a reaction. William said that all this had taken a very negative toll on her and she would cry after being hounded so brutally. They also admitted the nasty role the paparazzi played in her death saying that she was being photographed at the time of the accident as she lay dying on the back seat of the car.