Niantic has not stopped working on ''Pokemon GO',' and thanks to this, fans have received several updates. This means that the mission of the data miners is far from reaching an end, so they continue to explore their files in search of something that indicates what might be on the way to the game. Thanks to this we know that there are more shiny creatures among the game files. Below is everything I know right now concerning the new shiny Pokemon appearing in the data mine and the latest events coming at the augmented reality game. A report by Polygon presented me with most of the information I share in this article.

The new creatures just discovered in the data mine

Through its Twitter account, the data miner known as Charles revealed that he discovered new shiny versions of several of the Kanto and Johto Pokémon among the files of the latest update of ''Pokémon GO.'' This seems to indicate that it is only a matter of time until it is possible to capture these special versions of the pocket monsters in the augmented reality game.

So far, Niantic has not commented on it. Thus, we do not know when these bright creatures will be available or if there is already some way to capture them. However, it is speculated that they will be available in the next few days. It is worth mentioning that yesterday (April 8) it was revealed that Niantic plans to hold a special event on April 10.

According to the reports, there will be many interesting surprises in that event, so it would not surprise me if the developer released the new Shiny Pokemon in the next few hours. It is worth noting that for months there have been shiny creatures available in ''Pokemon GO.'' In addition, a different color Pikachu has appeared for months.

Additional information

Are you a Pokémon fan? Then surely you are happy with the revelation of a new legendary creature, right? If that was not enough to make the start of your week great, I must share that a new Pokémon preview was released: "Everyone's Story," the next movie in the franchise.

In the preview, we see that Ash Ketchum and Pikachu arrive at an island where everyone seems to live with tranquility, however, it is not long before things start to go wrong and they have to face a new threat.

Also, the preview shows some of the friends that this pair will make a new adventure. This is all the information I have for you at this time. Keep enjoying "Pokemon GO," and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.