Now that the new Pokémon GO gyms are in full swing, you may have noticed that the Pokemon Time casting system for your guardians has changed.

Of all the new things that have arrived with the update of June of 2017, the incursions are the main one. The new system of assault to the gyms has also needed several changes in these places, beyond the obvious face wash. The new gyms have changed slightly.

Previously, for each Pokémon that you would assign as a defender of a gym, you could get a Poke Coin every 21 hours. Luckily for players, the system has changed for the better, with a fairer, more equitable and fractioned distribution based on the hours your creature has defended your team's gym.

Of course, a key part of the change is the incursions themselves. When one of them starts, the creatures that are in that gym return with their trainers, carrying with them a good card of Poke Coins. No more having to collect them manually!

Get more Pokemon faster, but with a limit

It rained criticism for Niantic because of the new system to win Poke Coins in Pokémon GO. One coin per hour with a maximum of 100 per day, that is 700 per week. That is if you get to successfully defend the gym for one whole hour because if you lose on the 59th minute, you earn nothing.

The complaints have been so bad that the company finally has decided to make a change: now you can get more Poke Coins per hour since each defender gets one every 10 Minutes meaning 6 Poke Coins per hour.

What is the limit? A maximum of 50 a day.

This system penalizes the best players, those who can last more time defending a gym. Before they could win 700 Poke Coins per week and now only 350, although the weakest can win their reward before, after only 10 minutes.

Your Pokémon brings the coins when you return to your team.

One of the main novelties is that, as mentioned above, you no longer must manually collect the coins.

When a raid begins, creatures you have assigned as defenders in new gyms will return to your team with the coins they have won. These will be automatically added to your account.

If you've asked yourself why you cannot pick up the Poke Coins from the new gyms, now you know the reason.

New update for Android version

Recently, Niantic announced that it was updating and correcting a new update for Android. However, errors still continue to emerge. While players are waiting for a new event of “Pokémon Go,” it is recommended that Niantic tries to solve the small details that need to be fixed.