Fans of Jill Duggar and her husband, derick dillard, have been highly critical of the pair for asking their fans to supply them with money in order to continue their charity work. The pair crowdfunded for their mission trip to Central America, which was highly controversial for the "Counting On" couple. Although this is standard practice for Christian missionaries, some felt that their asking for money was absurd considering that they make money by appearing on their family's television show and Jill continues to make money from the royalties of her book, "Growing Up Duggar." Still, the pair fundraised for their trip until they made the decision to leave Central America to come back to the United States.

But instead of stopping their fundraising efforts, the pair continued to do so.

Jill and Derick get suspended from the charity website

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard were asking fans and viewers for money via a website called Pure Charity. Although it cannot be confirmed, it was rumored the pair were asking almost $6,000 or more from their fans to help support their new mission with college students in Arkansas. In this new mission, the family is helping college age students become "closer to Christ" as they move through their university years. However, fans noticed, today, that the pair were suspended from the website without much explanation. When clicking on the page they had previously directed fans toward, fans were told, "This fundraiser was removed because of violations of our Terms of Use for Registered User Conduct.

We have removed the fundraiser and have informed the nonprofit of this decision."

Currently, it is unknown what rules the pair violated, however it is clear that the money Jill and Derick were raising will no longer go to the couple and will likely be refunded to those who took the time to donate to their mission work. They have not commented on this turn of events, nor have they stated whether or not they will be setting up a new page in order to gather further funds.

Criticism from viewers

The pair have been criticized by viewers often for their decision to "beg" for money via the charity platforms. As stated above, many have found the couple to be "e-begging" and have said that they believe that Derick is doing anything to avoid getting a job. Others have said that they don't understand why they cannot support themselves on the salary they receive from "Counting On."