The error occurred only in a small group of users who were testing the update, but the game developers preferred to delay the arrival of the new version.

The creatures of the third generation

It was recently discovered that in the Lines Of Code of Pokémon GO the creatures of the third Generation could be glimpsed. The news caused joy for many users of the game; however, one of Niantic's official accounts, NianticGeorge, announced the delay of the new 0.71.0 update.

The delay has been caused by some 'bugs' (software errors) that cause serious instability faults in the application, and although this error has only affected a small group of players, developers prefer this mishap fully controlled and avoid any surprises later on.

"We are aware of a latency problem that affects fights in Pokémon Go version 0.71.0. We are currently investigating possible solutions. Although this problem only affects a small group of users, we are suspending the release of the version while we continue to work to offer a better experience."`

A manager of Niantic company has reported on Reddit what the cause of the delay was and explained how the upgrade process, as discussed in "Pokemon Go Hub."

New updates in 'Pokemon GO'

Pokémon Go continues to be frequently updated and offers improvements for all its users especially now that the popular game of augmented reality has again had a vertiginous demand of players since the appearance of several legendary Pokémons.

"When we launch an update, we do it in a small percentage of the user base at the beginning. We start at 1% and work our way up to 100%. We monitor our error reporting metrics, submitted by users and sites such as Reddit, to detect signs of problems during the deployment process. If something arises (as on this occasion), we can solve the problem before the entire user base is affected.


Recently, Tatsuo Nomura, head of projects at Niantic, said that at the moment his priority is to optimize the raids of the game to make it more fun for players.

The developer team of Pokémon Go is aware of the request of many users to introduce communication options in the raids, for better coordination in battles.

Followers of the popular Pokémon Go game will have to wait a little longer to capture the expected third generation creatures.

In the meantime, we look at the future, and the fans anxiously await the arrival of Generation III of Pokemon GO, Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available. Follow us on Blasting News.