"The Good Fight" will be adding Audra Mcdonald in the second season. The actress will be reprising a role she played in the original series, "The Good Wife."

Audra McDonald will play state attorney Liz Lawrence. Her character, who was featured in one episode of "The Good Wife" season 4, will be revealed as the ex-wife of Adrian Boseman (Delroy Lindo) in “The Good Fight.” Boseman is the head of the Reddick Boseman & Kolstad firm that employs the show's lead character Dianne Lockhart (Christine Baranski).

Thrilled to work with her again

"The Good Fight" showrunners, Robert and Michelle King, announced in a press release via Deadline that they are thrilled that Audra McDonald agreed to reprise her role.

"After seeing her facility with both comedy and drama, we were dying for the chance to work with her again," the showrunners' statement read.

Audra McDonald is a Tony-winning stage actress who has worked on shows like "Private Practice" and the live musical version of "The Sound of Music." Fans of "The Good Fight" can expect her character to heighten the drama in season 2.

Promoting two cast members

Meanwhile, Robert and Michelle King also announced that Michael Boatman and Nyambi Nyambi are going to be series regulars on "The Good Fight" season 2.

Michael Boatman plays the role of lawyer Julius Cain, which he also played in "The Good Wife." Nyambi Nyambi, on the other hand, is a new character, Jay Dipersia, who was introduced in "The Good Fight" season 1.

Dipersia is the law firm's investigator. He had lots of screen time with Sarah Steele (Marissa Gold), who hopes to also venture in the same field of expertise.

Filming season 2

Filming for “The Good Fight” season 2 is expected to begin this fall. The second season is expected to premiere in early 2018 on CBS All Access. The upcoming installment will have 13 episodes as opposed to just 10 episodes last season.

Also expected to return are Cush Jumbo (Lucca Quinn), Rose Leslie (Maia Rindell), Justin Bartha (Colin Morello) and Erica Tazel (Barbara Kolstad).

The series follows Christine Baranski’s Lockhart’s transition in a mostly-African American law firm after leaving her firm in “The Good Wife.” The first season delved on a big money scam that affected Lockhart’s investments and ruined her relationship with the Rindells, her long-time friends.

Rose Leslie’s character is Lockhart’s goddaughter who had no idea her parents were misusing other people’s money. She’s also training under Lockhart as a lawyer.