vicki gunvalson and kelly dodd have been traveling around the country to do some press for this current season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Even though there have been rumors that Vicki and Kelly were no longer getting along because of tweets made and liked by Kelly over the past couple of months, it sounds like Gunvalson and Dodd are indeed still very good friends.

Many of their co-stars will probably argue that their friendship is fake, as Vicki doesn't know how to truly care about another friend. Her past friends, Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador, could probably make these claims, as they feel very betrayed by her behavior over the past couple of years.

However, Vicki and Kelly are indeed still going strong and they recently took a vacation together to Cabo. However, before traveling to Cabo, Kelly and Vicki stopped by Chicago to do some interviews and during one of these interviews, Kelly dropped a huge bomb about one of her co-stars. During the interview, the person who was talking to the ladies asked why it was smart to sign up to film a reality show when the ladies refuse to film together.

Refusing to film?

Of course, she's referring to Tamra and Shannon who have said that they want nothing to do with Vicki and Kelly. They want to be on the show but they don't want to film with these ladies. This is a problem because the show is all about these ladies’ dynamic together.

It sounds like Vicki and Kelly are open to filming with the ladies even though they're often slammed with various accusations and comments. The discussion about not wanting to film together brought up the topic of Heather Dubrow. Heather left the series last year, as she didn't want to film this current season with the ladies.

While she may have joined the show to build up a career, the show had simply become too dramatic for her.

The bombshell

On "The Real Housewives of Orange County," it seems like these ladies are indeed good friends and get along outside of the show. But during this interview in Chicago, Kelly Dodd dropped the bomb; Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow were never really friends.

The two were only faking the friendship for the cameras and they only ever spoke when they were filming together.

"They were never … that was a fake friendship," Kelly revealed during the interview with Chicago Splash.

Heather hasn't spoken to any of her former co-stars since leaving the show and none of the ladies have seen her massive mansion even though it has been done for quite a while. One can imagine she is not exactly excited about inviting ladies into her home as she doesn't want to show in her life anymore. But to say that Tamra and Heather were never friends seems like an outrageous accusation.

Kelly may not know the dynamics of Tamra and Heather's friendship, but Tamra has been accused of being jealous of Heather's wealth as this is something she wants for herself.

But the fact that Tamra and Heather haven't hung out since the show ended last year and that Judge hasn't been to Dubrow's new home could indicate that they were not as close friends as they wanted fans to believe.

What do you think about Kelly Dodd's accusation that Heather and Tamra are not as close friends as they want fans to believe? Do you think Judge is faking her friendships for ratings?