Socialite and music DJ Paris Hilton recently revealed that she considers herself a fan of United States president Donald Trump. In her recent interview with a magazine, she said that Trump a nice and sweet person, US Magazine reported.

The controversial celebrity is featured in the September edition of Marie Claire magazine. She was interviewed by the magazine regarding the current president of the United States.

US Magazine reported Hilton saying that she has known Trump since she was still a little child. She also described the former reality television show host as “nice, respectful and sweet.”

She added that she has previously heard other men say the “craziest things” aimed at women, since she is always around men and listens to them as they speak.

The controversial DJ also let out an opinion on women who accused Trump of sexual assault.

‘Trying to get attention’

US Magazine also added Hilton making statements for women who have accused the president of sexual abuse and harassment. She said that they are “just trying to seek attention and get fame.”

“I feel that these girls just made the story up,” the celebrity told writer Irin Carmon, who then posted an interview transcript on Twitter.

The music DJ has reportedly been into a controversial lewd tape back in 2001 with a man named Rick Salomon. It leaked around the media, but Hilton told the magazine that she compared herself of Great Britain’s Princess Diana before the scandal.

She revealed how she respected Princess Diana, and all the amazing women, but she said she felt like Salomon “took that all away” from her.

Hilton said she could have been more, but because of the scandal, she has received judgment from around her. She wished that she had never met Salomon, and said that is one regret she has in life, the magazine further noted.

Trump and women

President Donald Trump has been in hot water for his alleged sexual assaults upon women.

The Huffington Post also published a report detailing some incidents of the allegations.

One of the most remarkable ones was reportedly with Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump. The Huffington Post revealed an incident where the former reality TV host allegedly forced her to get in bed with him. Ivana said in the report how she felt violated by the incident. Other names that appeared in the report were Jill Harth, Cassandra Searles, Rachel Crooks, Jesica Leeds, and Jennifer Murphy.