Paris Hilton has recently shared her Dog mansion with her fans and they are shocked that the celebrity has created a custom home for her dogs. The home is scaled for the dogs specifically and videos of Hilton show that she has to crouch to enter the premises. Hilton shared a series of videos and images of the dog mansion and is very proud of her creation.

The star has revealed her lavish dog mansion

According to the Daily Mail, Paris Hilton has recently revealed that her dogs are living in luxury in their very own dog mansion. The star took to social media to share the news and uploaded a couple of images of the residence.

While Paris Hilton is certainly known for being a bit over the top, fans cannot believe that the celebrity has spent this much money on a mansion for her canine friends.

The mansion has two stories and a custom sized balcony for her canine friends. Paris has revealed that the home has both air conditioning and heating. As if this was not enough to cater to her dog's needs, Paris has also included designer furniture and a chandelier. It appears that the celebrity has thought of just about everything that her dogs could possibly need for their canine home.

A staircase has been included so that the dogs can make it up to the second story of their home. In a report by the Mirror, the property has been confirmed to be at least twelve feet in height meaning that it is scaled to the size of dogs rather than people.

The furniture has also been resized to fit the canine's who will be using it.

Hilton's boyfriend is just as over the top as she is

According to the Mirror, it appears that Paris Hilton has found the man for her as Chris Zylka appears to be just as over the top as she is. Chris recently got a huge tattoo of Paris Hilton's name on his arm less than six months after the pair first started dating.

As if this was not bad enough, Chris requested that the font be in Disney style and has since stated that Paris is his happiest place on Earth referring to the slogan of Disney Land. Zylka also went on to claim that he had found his fairytale princess in Paris and that he was one of the luckiest men alive.

Paris shared a photograph of the tattoo on August 25, and fans could not believe that her boyfriend went as far as inking his girlfriend's name on his arm. Paris herself had the name of her ex-boyfriend tattooed on her, but she has since had it removed. It seems that Paris and Chris are very happy together and are perfectly suited for one another.