The trial of groping case between Taylor Swift and DJ David Mueller came to a close on Monday, in favor of the pop star. The DJ was found guilty is being charged with assault and battery.

Taylor Swift accused him of groping her during a meet and greet in 2013, where he was at the backstage, providing a photo to as supporting evidence.

Celebs, personalities back Taylor Swift

In line with this, a number of celebrities expressed their support for female singer-composer both before and after the jury came with a verdict.

Kesha, who has also experienced the scowl of the public in a trial against Dr.

Luke, said that she admires the singer’s strength and fearlessness and that she has her support all the way through.

Amber Heard said that she is proud of Taylor Swift for being bold and strong all throughout the process. During the trial, Swift’s stance on the groping case was not shaken even when cross-examined.

The photo presented by her side was also used against her during the cross-examination of DJ David Mueller’s attorney. However, Swift’s side did not back down saying that she will not let their client make her feel like what happened was in any way her fault.

Other celebrities who expressed their support and admiration include, Rachel Platten, Nelly Furtado, Lena Dunham, and Raphael Gomes.

Jury rules in favor of Swift

Mueller filed a lawsuit against Swift the same year the groping incident occurred after Swift called his manager and got Mueller fired two days after. In spite of this, the jury favored Swift in her $1 countersuit against Mueller.

The jury also found that Swift’s mother, Andrea is not liable for tortious interference on one hand. According to CNN, Mueller, on the other hand, is resolute in proving still his innocence against the accusation.

In light of Swift’s groping case, she wanted to show the world that sexual assault is no joke and should be taken seriously.

She also wants to set an example for her fans that in whatever circumstances, one should stand up and fight against such assaults, although she also acknowledges the privilege that she has in society as well as in shouldering an enormous cost to defend herself.

Swift hopes that her experience will help other women and girls who might also be victims of such assaults be heard. Additionally, Swift said she will make donations to organizations and charities to help the sexual assault victims defend themselves.