The eighth episode of the final season of Orphan Black has finally aired and it left off with a heart-wrenching death of a major character. The new episode mostly focused on Siobhan and Rachel’s unlikely alliance.

Siobhan and Delphine call for truce

In “Orphan Black” season 5 episode 8, the aftermath of letting Kira Manning escape from the Dyad Institute has been keeping Sarah Manning on her toes. She found it suspicious that it was too silent and that nobody was making a move against her family after they just took away their precious lab subject for the clone experiments.

Sarah’s mother, Siobhan Sadler assured her that everything was fine and the silence was most likely because the lies that Percival “P.T.” Westmoreland have been hiding were finally exposed to the board of the Dyad Institute. However, it seems like Siobhan has been planning something more than she is letting out.

Siobhan teamed up once again with Delphine Cormier in a secret plan to convince Rachel Duncan to help them expose Westmoreland to the world and put a definite stop to neolution. However, before they could even get to Rachel, the two women had to connive first with Ferdinand Chevalier.

Siobhan and Delphine had to keep the plan from the clone sisters especially Sarah and Cosima Niehaus because they knew very well that they wouldn't want anything to do with Ferdinand.

The ruthless cleaner, Ferdinand, earned deep hatred from the Clone Club after he killed their sick clone sister, M.K.

Rachel helps Siobhan and Delphine

It was revealed in the new episode of “Orphan Black” season 5 that Rachel actually held on to the biggest pieces of evidence that could expose Dyad Institute and the entire neolution project all over the world.

The locket that she has been seen holding on to a couple of times actually contained the files of the names, projects, and other relevant details that could bring Westmoreland and neolution down.

Rachel wanted to expose neolution and put a stop to it but her lover, Ferdinand wanted to use the evidence to blackmail the board into giving them more money.

Because they wanted different things, Rachel tricked Ferdinand into thinking that she agreed to his plan and got him to go to the emergency board meeting.

Rachel actually kept the real files and sent it to Delphine and Siobhan. After realizing what happened, Ferdinand was in a rage and almost killed Rachel. However, he decided to go after the person who gave Rachel the idea.

Rachel warned Siobhan about Ferdinand, and the mother arrived at her home to find it ransacked. Ferdinand was waiting for her, and after a few exchange of words, Ferdinand shot her at a vital spot.

However, Siohbhan wasn’t going to die without retaliating and used the last ounce of her strength to shoot Ferdinand in the neck, and she finally killed him. Shortly after dealing with Ferdinand, Siobhan took her last breath while holding on her children’s photo.