The latest and penultimate episode of the final season of Orphan Black has finally aired and it takes fans back to where it all started for Helena. The clone is currently in a pinch after Dr. Virginia Coady kidnapped her and while being held captive, Helena taps into her memories back when she was still a young innocent girl staying in a convent.

Helen’s origin story

The latest episode of “Orphan Black” Season 5 revealed Helena’s past and how she came to be the bloodthirsty clone-killing clone. As it turned out, Helena was just as naïve as any typical young girl.

Growing up in a convent, she saw things that she wasn’t supposed to see and to cover up these malicious deeds, a guilty nun bleached her hair as a punishment thus her blonde hair and got her adopted immediately.

The person who adopted Helena, of course, was Tomas, who was a religious extremist that put ridiculous ideas into Helena’s head, raising her with the mindset that she was the original and she needed to kill her clones to purge sins. Tomas trained the Anglo-Ukrainian clone to kill and fight people, especially her clones.

Revisiting Helena's past was a way to tie up the present situation she was in, regretting and reflecting her actions. She was torn about the fact that a killer will be raising her babies.

Clone Club to the rescue

The remaining major clones in “Orphan Black” have banded together once again to save their dear clone sister, Helena. In the previous episode, Helena was kidnapped by Coady and Percival “P.T.” Westmoreland’s goons headed by the villainous Detective Engers.

The new episode picked up where the last one left off with Helena tied up and being prepared to give birth to her premature twins.

Sarah Manning and the rest of the Clone Club learned about Helena’s predicament when the nun that took her in made a surprise visit to Sarah’s house shortly after Siobhan Sadler’s funeral.

The Leda clones contacted Rachel Duncan, who was the biggest help in this episode as she was even able to track down Helena’s location, which was the old building next to Dyad Institute.

They also learned that Rachel had the biggest target so, in an effort to infiltrate the enemy’s building, Sarah dressed up as Rachel.

However, the charades didn’t last long because of Sarah’s slip-up but she was able to live when Coady said she needs her blood to save Helena, who was bleeding to death. It turns out that Helena planned the dying scene all along and killed Coady as she and Sarah started to escape but the episode ended with her water breaking, a clear sign that her twin babies are ready to see the world.