Richard Madden's most recognizable role might be as Robb Stark in "Game of Thrones." Since leaving the show after the third season, however, the actor has been in several other projects.

His latest is a comedy called "Ibiza," which he will star alongside Gillian Jacobs. The latter is best known for her work as Britta Perry in six seasons of "Community" on NBC.

What is ‘Ibiza’ about?

"Ibiza" was originally called "I'm In Love with a DJ," according to Variety. Richard Madden will play the disc jockey who encounters Gillian Jacobs on her trip to Barcelona and Ibiza.

Netflix will release the film on its streaming site in a still undisclosed date. The movie will begin production this August and will also star Vanessa Bayer and Phoebe Robinson.

Lauren Kahn wrote the script for "Ibiza" with Alex Richanbach signed on as director. The film will be produced by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Kevin J. Messick.

Where has Madden done since Robb Stark’s death?

Meanwhile, since getting killed off in "Game of Thrones," Richard Madden has played leading roles in 2014’s "Klondike” on the Discovery Channel and 2016’s "Medici: Masters of Florence” on Netflix. These shows take place in a particular period.

The actor, who was known as the King in the North in the widely-watched HBO series, also played the Prince in the "Cinderella" live-action movie from Disney, which ran in theaters in 2015.

Lily James played the title character.

Richard Madden also starred as Shakespeare's Romeo in "Branagh Theatre Live: Romeo and Juliet." He told Elle Magazine in April that he would like to take a break from doing period shows or films. Hence, the timing of "Ibiza" seems right.

"I'm done with swords and horseback for a minute," Richard Madden said.

"It's nice to be in something that's in the future and feels modern."

Keeping tabs with ‘Game of Thrones’

But like millions of viewers around the world, Richard Madden is hooked on "Game of Thrones" even after he left the series. He doesn't want to hear about episode spoilers though, especially not when he's with his former co-stars who are still filming the show's episodes.

"I'm like, 'Don't give me any spoilers, please!' At the end of the day, I want to enjoy it,” the actor told Elle.

Before fans can watch Richard Madden in “Ibiza,” however, he’s headlining the sci-fi series “Oasis” for the Amazon streaming site. The show’s pilot episode premiered in the platform last March, and it is awaiting a full season order.