The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrow" Season 6 will feature a possible fight between Black Siren and White Canary and the return of Huntress to the show.

Black Siren vs. White Canary

Katie Cassidy teased that her character Black Siren will have more screen time in "Arrow" season 6 as the showrunners promised audiences that they will show her tragic backstory into the show. Cassidy told ComicBookResources that she is excited to reveal more about Earth 2 Laurel to the audiences and wanted a fight between her and Sara Lance/ White Canary.


I love working with Caity Lotz. I said to Marc [Guggenheim], 'Is this possible even for Earth 2 [Laurel] to come face to face with Earth 1 Laurel? Whats that Like?' That's something really interesting and cool," Kassidy said.

While the idea seeing Black Siren fighting against her doppelganger's younger sister could happen thanks to time travel, it will also be interesting to see how Earth 2 Laurel will react if she ever met her "other" self in the past. Kassidy admitted that she had fun playing the villain role as she had a chance to add layers to her character and for the audiences to sympathize with her after what she has been through, hinting a possibility of redemption.

Black Siren survived the explosion of the Lian Yu during the events season 5, while Sara is currently with the legends team trying to fix a huge problem in the timeline in "Legends of Tomorrow" season 3.

Huntress returns

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed that Helena Bertinelli a.k.a. Huntress will return to "Arrow" season 6, and he stated in an interview that he has an interesting story in mind for the villain and it is an option that the showrunners are willing to explore.

Huntress first appeared in episode 7 of "Arrow" season 1 as the daughter of a powerful crime boss in Starling City.

Helena is seeking revenge against her father and his organization for the murder of her fiance. Towards the beginning of her story arc, her mission mirrored that of Oliver Queen's, but in time it became apparent that Helena and Oliver were completely different.

The two became a couple during the first season, but in time Oliver slowly sees how violent and out of control Helena has become, and had no choice but to stop her from killing the Bertinellis.

Helena returned to season 2 trying to kill Laurel Lance in exchange for her father but was defeated again by Oliver and Team Arrow. From then on, Helena has not be featured in the later seasons of the show.

"Arrow" season 6 will premiere on Oct. 12 at 9 pm on the CW Network.