The issue of the gender pay gap has been a long debated subject, but recently Simon Cowell has come forward and stated that he often pays his female employees more than male workers. Cowell has called himself a pioneer when it comes to the issue. Simon was asked about the ongoing BBC gender pay controversy and shared his opinion about it.

Cowell reveals that he pays female judges more

According to the Daily Mail, Simon Cowell has revealed that he pays "X-Factor" judges Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger more than their co-star Louis Walsh. The BBC has been highly criticized when the pay gap between male and female employees was revealed.

However, Cowell has stated that for once he has good new and that he pays the female judges more.

Cowell stated that he does not tell Louis Walsh that he pays his co-stars more but that decision has nothing to do with the fact that Nicole and Sharon are women. He stated that what he pays each judge is between him and the individual.

Cowell went on to say that when Britney Spears starred as a judge on the hit TV show "The X-Factor" he paid her more than music producer LA Reid back in 2012. Britney Spears had signed on to a $15m contract before she left the show after only one season.

When asked about his decision to pay women more than men, Cowell stated that he does not take gender into account when paying his employees.

He said that he simply pays his employees for the job that they do and has admitted that this means women sometimes get paid more for the work they do.

Cowell talks candidly about the BCC

According to The Sun, Simon Cowell has opened up about his own opinions about the BBC and has stated that he thinks the organization is very badly organized regarding their gender pay gap.

Cowell has said that if he were in the same situation the BBC were in he would look to rectify the situation immediately.

Simon Cowell has stated that he considers himself a pioneer with the gender pay gap issue and has said that in this day and age one cannot be paying their employee's differently because of their gender. He has highly criticized the BBC for their handling of their gender gap and states that it was a huge embarrassment for their company.

Cowell has made no further statements about the gender pay gap, but he has made his opinions felt. The BBC has not made any comment on Simon Cowell's claims, but the public has taken to social media to praise Cowell for his words.