Jill Duggar gave birth to her son, Samuel Scott, four weeks ago, but fans have been suspicious that there is a serious health problem with her or her son ever since. After Samuel was born, there were no photos of him on social media, which was a serious contrast to the birth of Israel when there were tons of photos posted immediately after his birth. Jill was also in labor for 40 hours when giving birth to Samuel and eventually had to have a C-section, while most of the Duggar women try to have birth naturally. Many worried that perhaps Jill's body was having trouble since it took her over 70 hours of labor to deliver her son Israel.

It was said that perhaps Jill had a hysterectomy after the delivery or that Jill was perhaps having post-partum depression.

New photos of Samuel

Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, have been sharing photos of Samuel Scott both on their Instagram and their website. After a month of fans worrying if something was going on, the couple decided to make a photo album sharing photos of Samuel Scott just after he was born. Derick has also shared photos of himself and Jill eating dinner while holding Samuel, thanking a friend for supplying them with the food they were eating that evening. It seems that this may have assuaged fans that at least there is nothing physically wrong with the mother-son pair, though some are still wondering if perhaps Jill is suffering from depression thanks to the fact that she continues to share Bible verses about holding onto God for strength.

Pictures draw backlash from Derick's comment

Derick Dillard is under fire after tweeting to TLC that he was disappointed in the network for showing the television "I Am Jazz," which chronicles a transgender teen girl and her journey. Jazz Jennings, who is featured on the show, was deliberately misgendered by Derick who stated that he had "no problem with him" but that he felt gender was ordained by God specifically.

After posting some of the new photos of Samuel, Derick has gotten some serious backlash for his comments about Jazz. Several people have called him nasty names and stated that they hope that Samuel grows up to be a "better person" than his dad and isn't a bully. TLC has denounced Derick's tweet, but they have not taken any action as far as banning him from the network or firing him, as "Counting On" is one of their most lucrative shows on the network. Many, however, have called for Derick to be axed from the program.