"Bachelor in Paradise" star Danielle Lombard was asked about her relationship with Dean Unglert and how she feels about him becoming the next "Bachelor," a subject that's been talked about since he was eliminated from Rachel Lindsay's season of "The Bachelorette." Dean is interested in both Danielle and Kristina Schulman on "BIP," but he's stringing both women along and likes them both for different reasons. On the latest episode of the show, he hurt Kristina by being so physically affectionate with Danielle.

D-Lo's feelings about Dean now

Dean Unglert has turned a lot of fans off over being the next "Bachelor" and it's already been reported that Dean is too indecisive to be picked for the lead.

Danielle Lombard feels the same way, telling Entertainment Tonight that Dean if it's too hard for him to decide between two women, she "can only imagine" how hard it would be for him to choose among "30 women." Lombard doesn't see Unglert as "ready to take on" the lead as being the next "Bachelor." He "has a lot of growing up to do" and doesn't have a clue how to "date properly."

The two are going strong on "BiP," but does this mean their relationship has completely fizzled out after the show? It depends on how much some women are willing to take if they want to be with a certain guy bad enough. A lot of rumors have linked Dean with Kristina, but are they really together? The way things look right now on "BiP," it's hard to envision.

As Lombard said, the break in filming changed up dynamics and people had time to evaluate relationships made. She realizes her entrance on the show "ruffled some feathers." She was made to believe that Dean was "off limits" when she asked Kristina about her budding relationship with him. When she talked to Dean, he felt things with Kristina were moving too fast and wanted to leave his options open.

In watching the show back, Lombard sees how misled they both were by Dean.

Who would D-Lo like to see as next "Bachelor"?

If Danielle Lombard doesn't think Dean Unglert would be a good "Bachelor," who would? She thinks Wells Adams should be the one fans and ABC names for next season. There are speculations, however, that he's secretly romancing former "BiP" season 4 cast member, Danielle Maltby.

The two shared a passionate goodbye kiss when Maltby left the show after her romantic options were exhausted.

While it seems safe to assume that Dean Unglert won't be the next "Bachelor," never count anything out. The show has a way of surprising fans. It seems unfathomable that Dean would be cast given his indecisive nature and infuriating behavior on "BiP."