After Tuesday night's "Bachelor in Paradise" ending featuring a kiss between danielle Maltby and Wells Adams, fans want to know what's up with these two. Are they an actual couple? Neither was looking for someone when Danielle believed the man she was meant to be with was nowhere to be found on "BIP" and Wells had no intention of finding a woman while on the show -- sticking to his role as the season 4 bartender.

The kiss that kicked off possible romance

When episode 4 of "BiP" wrapped, Danielle Maltby and Wells Adams engaged in a steamy kiss. Danielle thought it was time for her to leave "Paradise" since nothing was developing romance-wise and Wells was disappointed to see her go and commented on how beautiful and "deserving" she was to find love.

Clearly, there are sparks between them and that kiss certainly proved it.

Carly shares photo that gets fans talking

An Instagram post by Carly Waddell on Wednesday showed a photo of "BiP's" current couple, Derek Perth and Taylor Nolan. The two have been inseparable ever since season 4 started. On the other side of Carly and her husband, Evan Bass, is Danielle and Wells.

"We love love!!! Here's to hoping it works out for everyone like it did for us!!! ❤️ (but obviously a fake drink since I'm not drinking ) #bachelorinparadise," Carly captioned the photo (seen above).

Source says Danielle and Wells are spending time together

According to E! News, Danielle Maltby and Wells Adams have been spending "a bunch of time together." They both live in Nashville and just hung out with Kristina Schulman when she visited.

The three of them watched Tuesday night's "Bachelor in Paradise" episode at a charity viewing party Danielle hosted to help kids in Kenya.

A source from Bachelor Nation dished that "everyone wants to see" Danielle and Wells get together and feels they'd be the "cutest couple." Right now the two are said to be "just friends," but the kiss gives their supporters hope that they'll couple up for sure!

The source thinks they'll be together "eventually."

There's talk that Danielle Maltby and Wells Adams will wind up together. When season 4 is over, a reunion will be aired and the couples that were formed on the show will return to give fans an update. A lot has happened since they left Mexico and not much is being shared while the show is currently running to avoid spoilers. Who do you hope will be a couple at the end of "Bachelor in Paradise"?