Roman is going to catch some violent heat from John at some point in these new “Days Of Our LivesAugust 14 to August 18, 2017, episodes. We’re also going to see Kayla receive a major shocker from Tripp. A very surprising arrest will take place. Adrienne will be extremely busy at the prison and more.

Beg for help

They revealed one spoiler scoop for the Monday, August 14 episode. In it, we’re going to see Marlena in a very dire-sounding situation. They say that she will eventually connect with John at some point. When she does, she will beg him for help.

What will she need help with? Will John give her the help she seeks? Those are the big questions for this particular storyline. It does sound like it could get pretty emotional and intense.

Tripp tries to apologize

In the Tuesday, August 15 episode, they revealed that Tripp and Kayla will have a very interesting scene. Apparently, Tripp will try to apologize for all the things he’s done. This will definitely startle Kayla. Will she accept his apology? That’s the major question for this particular situation. It does sound like we’ll get a pretty entertaining moment out of it.

In the Wednesday, August 16 episode, Rafe and Hope will be very busy at one point. It’s revealed that these two will make some sort of arrest that’s very shocking.

Who will they end up arresting? That’s definitely the big question we’ll be looking to see get answered in this storyline. It sounds like this situation could deliver some very intense and drama-filled scenes to look forward to. They didn’t reveal any other details for it. So, we’ll have to wait until this episode airs to find out who gets taken down by Hope and Rafe.

She is not Bonnie

We’re going to see a very intriguing situation take place with Adrienne in the Thursday, August 17 episode. They tell us that she will be attempting to get everyone in the prison to believe she is not Bonnie. Will she be able to pull it off? Or will all her efforts fail? Those are a couple of huge questions for this particular scenario.

It sounds like we’ll get some interesting scenes out of it.

Lastly, they delivered two storyline teasers for the Friday, August 18 episode. In the first one, they reveal that we’re going to see Sonny and Chad’s fate finally get decided. They didn’t elaborate on that. So, that leaves us with the big question of what will their fate turn out to be? This situation definitely sounds like it will give us a very interesting scene or a couple of scenes.

Haul off and punch

The second Friday teaser reveals the violent situation between John and Roman. Apparently, John will find out what Marlena has been up to. This will prompt him to haul off and punch Roman! So, it definitely sounds like they will end the week with some very intense drama. Stay tuned.