Javi Marroquin has been keeping a low profile for the past couple of weeks, as he's now watching this season of "Teen Mom 2." This is the season where Javi learns that his ex-wife is pregnant with another man, just one month after a judge signed the divorce papers. Of course, Kailyn was already dating this other man, as she had moved on from her failed marriage fairly quickly. Marroquin was hurt because he wanted to work on the marriage, but it sounds like he was shocked and devastated when he learned what Kailyn was doing behind his back.

As he's learning while watching "Teen Mom 2," Lowry decided to file a PFA against him.

A PFA is a protection from abuse order. While Javi had never physically hit Kailyn, she claims she was scared after he learned that she was pregnant. She hinted that he couldn't control his temper and Marroquin was clearly upset. As he proved in court, Javi never did anything to hurt her. These days, he's trying to stay focused on the future and he's spending lots of time with his son, Lincoln.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now revealing that he's taking his son to work this week. It is 'bring your kid to work day' with the Air Force this week and Marroquin reveals that Lincoln has been begging his father to bring him to work. This will be a great distraction for Lincoln, as he's spending time with his mother and new baby brother.

One can imagine he's exhausted.

PFA order didn't ruin his career

When Kailyn filed to get a PFA, Javi Marroquin was shocked. He was concerned that this order could ruin his career. If he was charged with any form of abuse and got a criminal record, Javi would be discharged from the Air Force. As he told his friend on "Teen Mom 2," he would have no career and he wouldn't know what to do to care for his son.

Luckily, Marroquin is still with the Air Force, as Kailyn lifted the PFA. She realized that perhaps she crossed the line a bit. Now, Javi gets to bring his son to work with him.

New big brother

These days, Javi Marroquin is probably talking to Lincoln about his new role as a big brother.

Javi was furious when he learned Kailyn was pregnant and he wasn't sure what to say about it. He was clearly doing unnecessary things as she filed a PFA against him. These days, it sounds like they are cordial with one another.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin's tweet about bringing Lincoln to work with him? How do you think he's handling hearing about baby Lo from Lincoln?