Fans now fear what would be the future of Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Timothy Mcgee (Sean Murray) in NCIS” Season 15. The two chose to be left behind in Paraguay to face the rebel soldiers, so the children they have saved could run free with Nicholas Torres (Wilmer Valderrama).

Evidently, the previous season left fans on the edge of their seat with the unsure fate of the two NCIS agents in an effort to fulfill their mission. From the looks of it, things are not going to be good for them.

Gibbs, McGee as captives

In an exclusive photo revealed by Entertainment Weekly, Leroy Gibbs and Timothy McGee will be the rebels' in Paraguay for two months in “NCIS” Season 15.

Unfortunately, there fellow NCIS agents back in Washington, D.C. have no idea what is happening to them and where they are exactly located. Their hands are tied and Mark Harmon’s character’s face has wounds and blood on it.

But, fans don’t have to worry as the police procedural drama’s makeup and costume team revealed that Leroy Gibbs and Timothy McGee will be returning in good shape and “better than ever.” The executive producer Frank Cardea also told EW that they had to put a lot of makeup to Harmon and Sean Murray to make them look like frail and bony. “Mark loved all that stuff,” he revealed.

The show’s return

Moreover, Frank Cardea earlier told TV Line that “NCIS” Season 15 Episode 1 will continue with the major cliffhanger the previous season left off.

“We pick up where we left everybody off at the end of last season,” he told the publication.

In the television series’ new installment, fans are about to see a lot of flashbacks about the clash in Paraguay. This is the show’s way to remind its viewers of the scuffle Leroy Gibbs and Timothy McGee went through.

As the two are going to be captives, Frank Cardea teased that the “world is going to come down” on them.

To recall, Mark Harmon and Sean Murray’s roles as NCIS agents went to South America to locate a lost Navy Seal. However, the man that they were looking for went to Paraguay to do a personal favor.

Thus, they followed the Special Forces unit’s member and helped him to save the son of the man, who had rescued him, from the rebels.

They, too, found that there were a lot of abducted children the mutineers were holding, so they tried to free them all. The moment they had to transport the kids with a helicopter, the dissenters came and the crossfire started. From here, Leroy Gibbs and Timothy McGee decided to be left behind to face the revolutionaries.

“NCIS” Season 15 will return on Sept. 26 on CBS.