MTV Video Music Awards 2017 was held yesterday with all its finery and fun. The event saw many performances with some quite moving in nature but the one that stood out was the emotional tribute Jared Leto paid to Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell who bid goodbye to the world this year within a gap of two months. Their suicides rocked the whole world and this year’s VMAs raised the issue of depression with Jared Leto, Alessia Cara and Logic speaking against the menace. Pink was all for celebrating diversity and bashed racism with her exhilarating performance and touching acceptance speech.

Jared Leto pays tribute to Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell

Jared Leto came on stage to remember the two musical geniuses Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, who he knew personally. Remembering Chester, he said that 1976 saw the birth of a child prodigy who was determined and brimming with life. Later, this child became the lead singer of one of the biggest rock bands. Leto also told the audiences that MTV asked him to come to the awards ceremony to say some words about the two rock artists who were also close to each other in real life. He revealed that he had toured with both and totally enjoyed the experience. As the audience applauded his words, he said that Chester’s voice was strong yet delicate and it will live on forever.

Artists speak up against depression and inequality

Leto also raised the issue of depression that claimed the lives of the two rock stars. Addressing the people fighting the mental illness, he said that they were not alone and they should not give up. He summed up saying that the darkest days precede the biggest breakthroughs in life and they lie slightly beyond.

Later, Logic gave a musical tribute to the late rock stars by performing “1-800-273-8255” with Khalid and Alessia Cara that is a song about suicide prevention. He also raised the issue of equality saying that all should fight against injustice.

Pink packs powerful punch with moving speech

Pink, who was awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, had some very heartfelt words to say about diversity and inclusivity in her acceptance speech.

The singer narrated the account of her little daughter who feels unattractive because of her belief that she looks like a boy and then took the moment to address her. She said that as people we do not change and we take the gravel in the shell and turn it into a pearl. She also said that we help other people to change so that they can see more types of beauty.