“Poldark” season 4 is expected to involve the main character, Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) in endless controversies and tragedies. According to actor, Josh Whitehouse (who plays the role of Lieutenant Hugh Armitage), the upcoming season will take up where it left in the third installment. Meanwhile, Aidan Turner recently dropped a hint, suggesting that the Period Drama will end after its fifth season.

The show might wrap up soon

According to a report by Telegraph, “Poldark” is probably going to wrap up for good in two year’s time. While talking to Women's Wear Daily, the actor suggested that the series will go as per what is written in the books authored by Winston Graham.

He reportedly said that they will eventually run out of things to showcase once the fifth series meets the end. Therefore, he thinks that the fifth season will be the last one. Not only has Turner hinted that they will be concluding the series with the fifth season, but he has also confirmed that a fourth and a fifth season is in the making.

Everything you need to know regarding “Poldark” season 4

The period drama, “Poldark” is adapted from a series of 12 books. The three seasons of the show have managed to cover until book 7. It appears like the show creator; Debbie Horsefield is expected to pack up book 7 to 12 within two seasons. Turner further revealed that he is in love with his character.

The main reason why he is still glued to Ross Poldark is because of his honesty. That does not mean he is not flawed, the actor adds. “He’s a gambler by nature, and there’s a lawlessness to him that’s not always attractive, it’s irresponsible and dangerous,” the actor explains. He finds it extremely fascinating to get into his character’s psychology but with Ross Poldark, he hasn’t been able to do it.

Another online report states that “Poldark” season 4 is going to be the most shattering installment of them all. Like mentioned previously, actor Josh Whitehouse while speaking to Red Carpet News, said that some unexpected twists and turns will blow the minds of the fans away. As for the premiere date of “Poldark” season 4 is concerned, Debbie Horsefield told RadioTimes that it might take place in late August.

She went on to state that it might take place towards the end of August, however; BBC hasn’t made any confirmations yet and August is about to end, anyway. Therefore, it is certainly not this month. Fans still have to wait for the show.